just like the good ol' days.

Last night I went out bowling with some friends for a birthday party. While there, I got yet another dose of reality as far as college is concerned. Of course there were us seniors in attendance, but the majority of attendees were 09'ers who were home for the holidays. Throughout the night I watched them congregate together, laughing and talking as if nothing had changed...yet ost of them attend different colleges, the furthest away being FAMU. &&I thought to myself "Man, I hope my friends and I are like this next year." I don't want it to be awkward whenever we all get back together after months of being apart. I want it to be as if nothing changed, simply picking up where we left off during the summer. I'm going to be soooo far away from everybody, so this is especially a worry for me. But honestly, only time will tell how our friendships end up...

I'm hoping for the best.

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  1. I hate when that happens, I was friends with this girl through middle school, then when we got to High School, we didn't have any classes together and when I saw her in the halls I felt so awkward...I really miss talking and laughing with her...Now we both go to seperate colleges and I don't know if i'll ever see her again :(


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