TEN things I wish I could say to ten different people (but don't say their names)
1. i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you...times infinity. i dont know how else to put it. you mean sooo much to me. i dont want to lose you ever. it scares me to think that i might :[
2. i really want to be cool with you. like legit cool all the time no matter what. not this wishy-washy thing we got goin on. you the only person i actually enjoy talking to on the phone. please stop trying to use me...just accept it...and be my friend :]
3. when we stopped talkin in 10th and 11th grade, it broke my heart. i missed you so much. it means alot that we cool again. ily muchoooo!
4. ok. you can seriously stop tryin to talk to me now. im over it. i dont know if you just really want your girlfriend to come after me or what. im done...but obviously you arent yet.
5. i regret what we did. so so so so so badly. dammit. this wasnt how it was supposed to be bruh.
6. i hate you less and less each day. you should feel special.
7. you are my inspiration...this actually applies to two people. i love yall and admire your talents so much. it really makes me wonder where id be had i stayed in dance with yall back in the day.
8. im so proud of you...immensely proud. i cant even express how proud.
9. it didnt have to be like this. what drove you to this point? i miss who you used to be..i miss seein you around. not gonna lie, im disappointed. i would really love to come visit you one day...but i dont think i'd even know what to say.
10. i dont know what im gonna do without you when i move away...how are you gonna cope without me for 4 long years??? ugh...
NINE things about myself
1. im super short
2. singng is my passion
3. i hate ladybugs
4. i hate the snow/winter
5. im lazy
6. i make killer eggs
7. i wanna be a broadway starrrrr
8. i love wallyworld
9. i have a terrible reputation..ugh
EIGHT ways to win my heart
1. food
2. cuddle with me
3. tell me you love me out of the blue
4. support me
5. stay faithful and true and all that good stuff
6. appreciate my flaws
7. have a good heart
8. make me smile for no reason
SEVEN things that cross my mind a lot
1. bb
2. graduating
3. school currently
4. music
5. family
6. friends
7. howard
SIX random things I wanted to mention
1. ive been real emotional lately
2. i get soo excited when i gain a new follower
3. i cant wait to have children
4. i have a thing for white boys
5. i legit am in love. have i mentioned this yet? lol
6. im scared to go to college
FIVE people who mean so much to me (in no particular order)
1. mama
2. daddy
3. siobhan
4. alll my grandparents/family
5. friends. haha...especially bb. :]
FOUR things I'm wearing right now
1. blue tshirt
2. black cardigan thingy
3. jeans
4. socks
THREE songs that I listen to often (at the moment)
1. windowdipper [its my alarmm clockk]
2. rude boy
3. seasons of love. haha. legit tho.
TWO things I want to do before I die
1. get married
2. have children
1. i think im obsessed with blogging. possibly.

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