[jocked this idea from Netta]

So everyday on facebook, I join or become a fan of...on average...about 10 different groups/fan pages. It's rediculous, I know, but they are always sooo relevant to my life! So here are a few of my favorites...

1. Geometry can kiss my angle-side-side;; HAH! I remember back then freshman year when the teacher told us ASS wasn't one of the possible lil theories to prove a triangle is equivalent to another or whatever. We were pretty disappointed, you could imagine. I HATED geometry with a passion back then...but looking back on it, it was really pretty easy...I just hated the class/teacher.

2. No, I haven't read that great literary classic--But I've seen the Wishbone!;; Self-explainitory. I used to watch wishbone faithfully as a child. That little dog really made those books come to life for me :]

3. You should be deleted, but I like to lurk your shit.;; Story of my life. Legit. I am a facebook stalker on so many levels. I probably know more about you than you think...I know the life stories of people that I've never even spoken too! Lmao...its a problem, really.

4. I'm an honors kid..I procrastinate and use sparknotes and don't do homework;; Once again, story of my life. I go to a magnet school and all of our courses are automatically honors, which basically means the teachers take the course and teach it twice as fast and assign twice as many assignments. So obviously with 3 honors classes and the two AP's I'm also taking...my time is limited. Therefore, gradesaver is my new best friend...and HW honestly never gets done...unless absolutely necessary.

5. I hate when people call me and just sit on damn phone askin "so u gon talk";; OMG. I have so much to say about this...be on the lookout for a future pet peeves post about this one :P


  1. Lol ! Omg . The Become A Fan things are so addictive . I'm always like alright I'm done , I'm not becoming a fan of anything else then something pops up and I'm like " Oh damn , I do that to " *clicks Become A Fan button* Lol . My favorite is " when i was little i used to say "a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, ELEMENO P "

  2. lol at " I probably know more about you than you think..." ---facebook's addicting!

  3. lmaooooo! #5 forreal!


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