post-grammy thoughts.

In no particular order...

  • Uhmm Jennifer Hudson? She is looking Ah-Mazing! Cleavage was a teeny bit too much in that dress, but that's forgivable...she looked great. She performed wonderfully in the MJ tribute too.
  • It's safe to say that the opening act of this year's show is one that will not soon be forgotten...and definately the best that I've seen in my opinion. The combo of those two was genius, &&I was sooo happy that they sang speechless [one of my fav gaga songs]. Then, they mixed in elton's your song...I about died. Definately my favorite elton john song!! It was just great...awesome.
  • Beyonce=fierce! As always...but did anyone else see her almost bust her ass coming down some of those steps?! Haha! Despite that, though, the performance was good [so glad she didnt sing single ladies...it was nice to hear if i were i a boy after such a long time], and her dress was gorgeous! Congrats on her SIX grammy's by the way!
  • Black Eyed Peas bring the party with them wherever they go...hype performance! Glad they sung my favorite bep song, imma be!!
  • Good for Tay-Tay! She won album of the year, and looked so pretty!
  • Will someone pleaseeee do Ke$ha's hair? Please?!
  • The MJ tribute was sooo touching. I like how they had a pretty good variety of stars to sing..but not having 3D glasses did kinda take away from the beauty of the background images...just sayin! Haha...great moment though. Loved it. His kids are precious and so well spoken to be so young!
  • Pink is drop deap gorgeous...one of the only people who could pull a stunt like that. What a bod! What a voice! What acrobat skills! Breath taking performance, that's for sure.
  • Im going to marry Solange's little boy, Juelz. He is just the sweetest, most adorable little thing!
  • Wayne, Drizzy, and Eminem's performace was sooo hype...but the censors prevented us from hearing about 90% of the song! UGH! I knew it was going to happen...Weezy comes out, the censors come on. Ah well...they looked good though :]
  • Jamie Foxx and T-Pain's performance with SLASH [I freakin love slash btw] was soooo much fun! I can't help but dance when that song comes on...but who told Jamie's sister she could come out on stage to dance, lmao! Anyways, fun performance as always!
Overall a great show!


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  2. J. Hud...I see she's slimming down, BUT yeah she looked like she was sucking it ALL the way in...
    I honestly think that they could've done better with the MJ tribute, I wanted more really...
    the Wayne, Drake, Eminem, & Travis Barker performance was THEBEST!
    side note: LOOOOVE Bey...but her weave looked EXTREMELY stringy & fake to me, YUCK!


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