I've been so happy lately! Little things are constantly making me smile these days. Last night I was over a friends house after our senior night basketball game, &&there were only maybe ten or fifteen of us there total...not doing much of anything...really just chillin more than anything...but it just made me so happy! I didn't want to leave!

&&Nights like that make me even more excited for summer! The long nights with my friends that we probably won't remember by the morning...lmao. Movies in the park;;late night sonic and walmart runs;;old fashioned sleepovers like the good old days;;roadtrips;;clubbin....ahhhh I can't wait.

Not to mention all the time I get to spend with my baby :D

SB'10 IS QUICKLY APPROACHING! I already have two trips lined up...I just gotta ask mi madre. She should be okay with it...if she isn't, I'll just pull the "It's my last spring break ever with all of my friends here together!!" card, &&I should get a yes out of her :]. So ATL and PCB...here I come! Hopefully...

This is all pointless and probably irrelevant to you guys...hah.

A more meaningful post should come later :]


  1. i remember when i used to be so happy lolz
    i never got to do all that stuff with my friends because i moved in the middle of 11th grade year
    have fun this SB and good luck =)

  2. Happy Valentines Day!
    Glad to see ya happy!


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