s.o.c. (1]

i need my car back;;i need my bb fix;;can someone please just donate about $1000000 to me for college? kthx;;what color am i wearing for prom;;do i have posterboard for tmr;;how am i gonna pull these grades up;;i want some ice cream;; i need a job;;i love legacy dance studio;;i love when he says i love you;;i hate the cold;;i need summer;;i dont wanna move away;;will my friends forget all about lil ol sandi when im freezing in dc?;;my dad is slick a creeper;;i gotta burn kenya her cd;;i am officially obsessed with nicki minaj;;when are we ordeing my senior pictures;;i gotta finish this fundraiser for choir;;ohmahgad new yorkkkkk in a month and sum change;;no choir tmr=sadness;;dangggg tmr thursday! good shit;;im finna go get this ice cream...

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