#10 of the latest blind leading the blind.

10. your friend is TOTALLY talking shit about you. don’t ask me how i know, i just know, OK!? fine…..they told me!

This is so true! This kinda piggyback of my friend Netta post. Here's the truth-friends talk about friends. It's nothing new! I talk about my friends! Honestly I think it's normal...you aren't always gonna agree with something your friend says or necessarily like the outfit he or she has on...so of course you're bound to talk about them! I think the only time that it becomes legitimately fake is when you straight up say something like "omg, I hate that girl!" then smile in her face and act as if nothing is wrong. But a simple "she lookin kinda rough today" is harmless in my mind! Truth is, they've probably said the same about you at some point in time. That doesn't bother me, it's just straight up fake people that do. So don't try to get all defensive when you hear that someone has been talking about you, even if its a close friend...thats called being a hypocrite! :]

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