time for change.

I'm always anxious for change. I think before the break is over, I'll have a forward helix piercing in my right ear. Either that or a snug :]

&&Speaking of piercings...I'm slick sad! Because my rook developed one of those bumps...not a keloid, though, which is good. I went back to my piercer to have her check it out, &&she said they're pretty common and form from too much movement of the jewelery and whatnot. So now I have a lil bumpy :[ &&it looks pretty gross if you ask me. But as long as it's not a keloid, I'm cool. She said it should go back down over time. I hope so! I'm about to change the ring to a curved barbell soon...so maybe it won't be as noticable!


  1. Guhhhh you is CUHHH-RAAAAZZYYY! :)

  2. All these different ear piercings... Geez! I think I'm gonna just stick to the tradional ol' lobe and cartilage piercings, lol. More power to you though!


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