what's been going on.

I don't really have much to speak on as of right now...so yea. I feel a ramble coming on!

  • The fam &&I took family portraits today...for the first time in 12 YEARS! &&They came out sooo freakin good! I can't wait until we get them in the mail so I can post them on here! Beautiful!
  • I possibly may be modeling in a prom fashion show at Dillards this Saturday! I have to go and see the woman tomorrow. Hopefully it happens! I think it would be fun.
  • I really really want to go ahead and get this tattoo! I don't know whats holding me back! But I do think I'll hold off on the wing one for a lil bit and go ahead and get the chinese characters with my cousin...which will probably be on my side somewhere.
  • Speaking of tats and such, I cant wait to change my bellyring! Next time I go to the mall...which will probably be tomorrow when I get my hair done...Imma go ahead and buy the gun one I've been wanting.
  • I'm bonding sooo well with my sister in law! I love her! We are so much alike! I can't wait until we actually get to hang out and stuff...which will happen soon!
  • Since I know he reads this, I LOVE YOU BRANDON :] <333
  • My sister is about to get her hustle on! She's beginning to design canvas tennis shoes. When she finishes this first pair, I'll get a picture up on here. She's gonna start doing them for mulaaa. Shittt, I don't blame her! Maybe I'll start doing that too!
  • I am so in love with Tyra Sanchez on Ru Paul's Drag Race!
  • I miss my Kayli Starr :[[[
  • I'm thissss close to shaving one side of my head. Legit. Ohhhh so close.
  • Cheesecake ice cream is officially my new favorite. With oreos, of course :P

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  1. Doppleganger on Tyra Sanchez and wanting to shave my head bruhh!!!!

    (Good ramble!)


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