almost there...

Today was senior skip day...&&now I'm moreee than ready for summer to start. It reminded me of how much fun it's about to me. I can't wait! Ohhhhh....40 days seems like such a long time :[

But anyways, we had fun out at the park! Of course everyone was cliqued off with thier group of friends, so I wouldnt really say it brought us any closer together, but it was just nice to be outside. &&We had a water ballon fight! Which was alot of fun until I got hit in the face and mouth. But its all good :P The cool water felt good, since it was freaking hot as hell outside today.

Well now I'm home chillin, cleaning, all that jazz, waiting for the girls to come back out this way so I can meet up with them for our slumber party! Hah. Not really...but I am staying at shelby's house tonight. &&Some serious wii action is going to occur :P

I'm excited about tomorrow!! Senior prom! I can't believe it's here already. I just hope everything goes well and everyone has a good time. I'm beyond excited to see how sexy my baby is gonna be in his tux :P

Pictures will definately be coming on sunday!!


  1. Sounds so fun. Hope you have an amazing prom, girl.

    im too excited!! :D

  3. Have fun girl !

  4. ooooh! I'm excited FOR you girl...y'all enjoy yourself to the FULLEST! Dance the night away ALL night!


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