senior prom!

AHHH! It's here!!

In just a few hours, brandon will be coming over to pick me up and whisk me away to our senior prom :] I'm so excited!!

So last night at shelby's house...no wii action occured. We were too tired! But instead we talked about any and everything from the nicki minaj vs keys action to types of people we hate to the iluminati...ate pizza rolls and looked through magazines. Ya know, girl stuff :]

Then we finally called it quits for the night at 1.30. &&I had to get up all by my lonesome at 7 to make my 8am hair appointment. &&By the way, I freaking love my hair :D.

Then I had to run alll over nashville. Back home, to the gas station, to walgreens, to the mall, to the florist, and back home again. So I'm pooped! But now I'm pissed! Because I'm home and still cant find my camera chargerrrr. :[ I'll keep looking though.

So I'm sitting here wasting time...in full makeup [I had to do a test run, hah] and my hair all did. I guess I'll start getting ready about 3.30...so I can take my time.

But for now, I'm finna grub :P

Tootles! Hasta luego!

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