Things I want to accomplish in April:
  • Don't give up on school;; It's sooo tempting. Graduation is exactly 8 weeks away from Wednesday. Senioritis is in full effect. But as much as I just wanna be like "fuck it, I don't care anymore", I CANNOT let my grades drop. I have a scholarship on the line. Ughhhh!
  • Really get back on track with this healthy thing;; Yeahhh, I've been slipping : /. So I need to really focus on doing more things that are good for my body!! Guess it's time to hope back on that Wii Fit!
  • Let the people that I love let them know it;; Life is just way to short. &&If something were to happen to me or to any of the people I love and care about, I just want to be assure that they knew I cared.
  • Get back to my goodwill hunting;; I havent been in sooo long. I need to get my fix.
  • Get my snug pierced;; I WILL NOT chicken out this time around. I'm going to go and get it no matter what.
  • Cut the bull and get a tattoo;; Uhmmm, what am I waiting on again? Exactly-nothing! So I need to figure out exactly what and when and where this is going to take place...asap!
  • Make the senior spectacular video;; Ughhh its gonna take foreverrrr :[
  • Get my life together in general.

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