may the best woman win.


Basically, if you dont watch Rupaul's Drag Race...you need to. It is honestly the most entertaining show of all time.

Ive been following it faithfully all season, &&it just gets better and better each week!

Ive always said I wanted Tyra to win...but Jujubee has reallly grown on me. Yall just have to see the show to understand, lmao.

I tried to find a video clip of the funniest episode everrrr when they were having a roasting session. But no luck :[ Maybe itll show up somewhere later.

But seriously, if you ever get the time, check it out! :]

Just a little intro to Jujubee. I swear she is a bajillion times more hilarious and rediculous than what this depicts :P


  1. Rupaul is funny... Lol.

  2. haha i'm with you!
    ive loved Jujubee from the start.
    and this show is one of FEW that i watch religiously.

  3. ...you've been tagged!



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