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What's been goin on with me? Well...

  • Well yesterday afternoon was the funeral service for my uncle. I thought I was gonna be able to pull through it, but I broke down in the end. Its just hard seeing a body lying there. Lifeless. Like it wasnt my uncle charlie I was seeing, it was just a corpse. So that really freaked me out. So basically I spent all of yesterday with my family, which was very much needed. But by the end of the day I was beyond tired.
  • So I went to the mall the other day...&&got the cutest tshirts from wetseal! Im really into prints, stripes, pastel colors, and oversized clothing right now, a nd found some really cute stuff there. I gotta go back soon. Im gonna try to go to goodwill sometime today too while Im out. Like I said, I need my fix!
  • Our sunroom is wasp infested. The other day we killed about 20 of them hoes in there within 10 minutes. So I havent been in there since. Which means I cant update my ipod or even charge it. &&My ipod is deaddd. So needless to say Im going INSANE!
  • Baby wants me to go get tatted with him on senior skip day, which is next friday. So no more chickening out!
  • Speaking of my baby, he's the best. Just so ya know :]
  • Also the other day when I went shopping, I finally got the barbells for my rook. &&After about 30 minutes of me and my sister trying, I finally got it in! And it looks so cute! I'll post pictures later today.

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  1. Hey girl ! I'm sorry to hear about your lost . Keep your head up :)


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