ive been tagged!

By Amy!!

*-Hair - asymetrical :]

*-Your Mother - she's the bestest

*-Your Father - he's the bestest too!

*-Fav Food - macaroni...made my my grandmama of course :P mmm!

*-Dream last night - none. i think.

*-Fav drink - right now its orange juice. it varies by season.

*-What room are you in - the kitchen

*-Hobby - singing and dancing...and shopping :]

*-Fear - death :[[[

*-Where were you last night - everywhere. mall, hair salon, bb house.

*-Something that you aren't - tall. but i like being short. i think.

*-Muffins - chocolate chip!

*-Wish list item - a colored dell laptop. or mac. or a ipod touch.

*-Where you grew up - cashville! haha, thats so ratchet

*-What you are wearing - black dress pants, silver flats, white charlotte russe top.

*-Your Pet - honey-bunny and shadow-kins :]

*-Something you're not wearing - my real glasses. haha i have on my nerd ones 8]

*-Fav Store - walmart, wetseal, goodwill, shii/journeyz, hot topic, target, xxi

*-Fav Color - turquoise. did i spell that right?

*-Last time you laughed - um this morning

*-Your Best Friend - i really dont have just one

*-Best Place you go over and over - 5 guys? bahaha. im such a fatty

*-Person who email you regularly - email? haha naw uhmmm scholarship sites

*-Fav place to eat - anywhere where there are fries, burgers, chicken, pizza, or macaroni. hah!

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  1. No, you have burgers and fries and macaroni! you love saaalaaddd and fruit and veggies and waterr..., (that was me brain washing you, btw)

    And omg! it's turquoise! yay!

    And omq squared! Stop having the same wish list as me my gurrr!

    ily chicaaaa!


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