just because.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?:

I do.

If so how long have the two of you been together?:
Officially since feb 26th :]

Have you ever let them see you cry?:
Yea :[

Have they ever hurt you?
Never that
Do you talk to them alot?:

Do you think they care about you?:
I know he does
Have they ever hit you?:
Only love taps :]
Do they tell you they love you?:
Yes, very often
Have the two of you ever broke up?:
What color eyes do they have?:

Have the two of you ever danced?:
We have

Do the two of you have a song?:
No we dont. Yet, atleast. There are many that remind me of him though.
If yes , what song is it?:
I'm too lazy to type them all out cuz it's a few lol
What do you think is the best thing about your boyfriend or girlfriend?:
I could write a book. But really he is just the sweetest, most caring, funniest, most handsome dude ive ever met.
Have you ever kissed them?:
Duh :P
Be honest are they a good kisser?:
The best. Honestly.
Have you been thinking about breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend?:
Noooo :[[[
Does he or she know what your favorite color is?:
Not sure. Because it just changed.
How long do you want to be with your boyfriend or girlfriend?:
Forevaaa :D
When you are away from your boyfriend or girlfriend do you miss them?:
More than he'd ever know.
Do you think he or she is the ONE for you?:
I really, really do.
Have you told them you love them?:

Did you mean it?:
Always <333
Are you sure?:
YES! Geeze lol
How old is your Boyfriend or Girlfriend?:

When is their b-day?:
My little halloween baby
Do you miss them right now?:
Of course I do. I always do.

I love you Brandon <333

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