&&the search continues...

So I almost got a job today. Except almost doesnt count :[ So it sucks!

Basically I was going to work as a councelor at a children's summer camp for about a month and a half. &&I was gonna pretty much be a shoo in because of all of the connections I have with the people that work there. But starting this summer, they decided not to hire councelors my age [18], saying that we were too close in age to the kids at the camp, so there would be issues with us trying to tell them what to do, and them not listening. So I'm pretty sad, not gonna lie. I already have a once a week volunteer job lined up for me at Vanderbilt Children's...but its VOLUNTEER, not paid. Dont get me wrong tho, I loveeee kids and have no problem working for free...but a sista is broke ova heaa!

But all hope is not lost! I still may be able to get a job at a daycare center! But the lady neverrr returns my calls :[ I mean I understand she may be busy and has a family and everything...but its really starting to piss me off. &&If that doesnt work out, imma try the new frozen yogurt place down the street from me. The search never ends.

I can only hope for the best!

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