s.o.c. (3]

ohh my sweet gerkinsss;;i hate anatomy;;i hate discrete;;quick trim is a trip;;i wonder if kim and reggie will get back together;;who knew jill scott's baby was so freakin adorable?;;i miss fantasia's voice!;;im finally excited for prom;;i need to get a job at that frozen yogurt place;;soo who wants to make this senior video...;;i love my baby yup yup i love my boy;;im almost done with this paper! hope i did it right...oh well!;;its freaking hot in this room;;so maybe i shouldnt get my snug pierced;;i am so proud of my little sister for making the cheer squad;;omg new york is sooon;;my car is on her period;;im addicted to dole juices;;im slick stressed but i slick aint;;thank god for asprin;;and thank god its [finna be] friday!;;ohhh shit the week is over;;im not ready for prom!;;fml;;not really though;;48 days till graduation;;i need to make the countdown for that too;;yay for exterminators;;ok imma go finish this paper now...since im failing the class :P

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