hit the nail right on the head.

The latest blind leading the blind....

1. if he doesn’t ask for your phone number, he doesn’t want it.

2. girls can fake an orgasm- but guys can fake an entire relationship. (But either way, they’re missing out in the end and the joke’s on the faker.)

3. don’t keep food in your house! it means you like to eat or whatever! what’s that all about bro?

4. some guys just aren’t interested. Some guys ARE interested. Some guys you can steamroll and some guys you can’t. The gems are the ones who ARE interested, who you CAN’T steamroll.

5. dudes, keep your fucking guy friends away from your hot new girlfriend. cuz it’s THOSE assholes who will go after her when you two are done! whether you know it or NOT!

6. just because it didn’t work out with your latest ex, doesn’t mean you have to talk shit about him. it just wasn’t right. it doesn’t mean he was a monster! Jesus! be nice!

7. move forward. not backwards, or side to side!

8. you can always just have coffee. you don’t have to eat just because you’re meeting a friend/person at a place that serves food. and do not feel guilty about it!

9. be gentle for Christ’s sake! it’s your fucking face!

10. one day, i swear to god, you will learn how to be the same person in every situation you find yourself in. i know it sounds impossible, and you think you have to morph and change and pretend and shift in every different situation you’re in- depending on the person you’re with: but it’s not true. if you are lucky, and by lucky i mean- if you grow up, you will know who you are and be able to walk into any room and bring yourself with you- and not be scared. you will be truly developed and 100% in your skin. so, even though people and situations might bring out other sides of you, you won’t be an impostor; living in fear and feeling like a fraud. because at the core, you will be the same person and solid in every environment you enter. good luck. i love you!



  1. Anonymous6.4.10

    Hmm , Nice Post :P

  2. ...I like #6 and #7. I am still friends with the ex and I like to see people move forward. Not backwards to their old boos! Ugh!


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