I should not be up doing homework right now. Okay, it's only 10.45 but if I were to actually do all the homework I have from this weekend, I would be up until at least one. &&That makes no sense to me.
I'm a fucking senior. What the hell?!? I should not be stressed at all over school. Atleast not highschool, maybe college. I'm pissed. This is a daily thing for me. Rarely there comes a day when I have zero homework. Oooohhhhh my school makes me sick sometimes. Honestly all I look forward to nowadays is seeing my boyfriend, my friends, and choir. That's it. Everything else related to school can s my d. So over it! I have better things to be worrying about and doing.

This next month and a half is going to drag on like no other...I can feel it.

May 26th...where art thou?

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