What shoe size are you?
Anything from a 7 to a 8.5, depending on what type of shoe it is.

Where do you work?
I dont work, I volunteer. I have never been able to find a real job :[

Favorite pieces of clothing you own?
I honestly could not pick if I had too. Lately, my goodwill finds though.

Your favorite blog?
I love all the blogs that I follow :]

Do you have any pets?
My two babies honey and shadow :]

How many siblings do you have?
A little sister, a half sister and a half brother.
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Right here in my hometown, honestly. Or some tropical island somewhere.

What where you doing before this?
Looking through graduation pictures with the fam.

Your favorite food?
I eat almost anything. Seriously.

Do you have a middle name?

Your favorite websites?
Twitter, facebook, other blogs, youtube.

Who do you tag?
Anyone reading who'd like to do this themselves!!

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