last night.

I graduated. The whole night seemed like a dream. It was truly an amazing night. Knowing that I'm done with highschool forever is the best feeling in the world, seriously. Especially since I went to a magnet high school, specifically the number one school in TN :]. So graduating means a trillion times more to me and my class. These past four years were far from easy and super stressful. &&Now I can finally breathe again!

One thing that surprised me though was that I didnt cry one bit the whole night! I thought I would be a wreck with makeup smeared all over my face and whatnot, but I didnt shed a tear! I guess thats because I know I still have a little bit of time left to spend with my family and friends before I move away. The day I move, it'll all finally hit me, &&its gonna be baddd :[ But until then, I'm making the most of every single day this summer!

I love my class <3

HFA C/O 2010!
roger dat :P


  1. Congrads! That dress is way too cute.

  2. oh you look darling :)
    i remember when I graduated I didn't cry either. . .best times of my life

  3. I'm so proud of you, Sandi, and the rest of your class. I know you guys worked hard, and you deserved all the recognition you received last night.

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