feliz cumpleanos!

This right here would be Faith, my adorable baby cousin. Except that she really isnt a baby anymore, because today she turns 3!

I remember the day when she was born. I was at a girl scout meeting [dont judge me :P], and I had gotten a text. I opened it to find an adorable picture of a wittle bitty baby, and I instantly knew who it was. I checked the voicemail left by her brother to get the hospital room number, and we rushed up there right away. She was so little! Just a hour or two old.

&&Now she is a HANDFUL! This girl is way too smart, like it legit scares me. Such a diva, too. But I love her, and look forward to watching her grow.

I love you fai-pooh! My little cinco de mayo baby :]

Happy Birthday Babygirl <333

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