Ive been scammed. I feel like a dumbass. Hah. Well I was about to be scammed.

A fellow blogger left me a comment on my post talking about my job interview tmr, saying it sounded like the vector market scam. I was like hmmm, what would make her say that? Because I didnt even mention the company name. So I did my research. Basically its a real job, but the way they run their company is where the problem lies. I have to pay for the products that I sell from the get-go, and that costs about $150. &&They dont reemburse for transportation costs for appointments. &&Alotta other stuff. This apparently has been going on for quite a while now, and tons of students just like me have been affected. Im so glad I looked that shit up! I woulda been working damn near 70 hours a week doing some shit that didnt even pay that good. UGH. Back to square one for my job search. First I need to clear some things up though, or no one will want to hire me, hah! But uhmm yeah, vector will be getting a nasty call from me in the morn :]


  1. It's so not a scam, Sandi... You didn't research enough, because although you have to pay $151.86 (that's the total cost, btw) for the sample set, it's retail value is almost $600. Once you pay for them, you get to do one of three things: return it and get your money back, keep it at no extra charge, or sell it up to full retail price and make profit. They don't put that information on the website for a reason... and you would've learned that information had you have gone to the interview.

    With Vector, there are two income/payment option plans: base pay and commission. The base pay option guarantees that you will get paid no matter what, no matter if you make a sale or not, given that you did your appointments with the right people. The commission option gives you the opportunity to make even MORE money...

    You shouldn't always listen to what people tell you before getting the information for yourself.

  2. Oh, and btw... Any money you spend on gas, food, whatever to help you make your sales, is tax exempt. All of your miles are also tax exempt, 50 cents per mile... So you pretty much make anything business related... and it would all be tax exempt, which means you pay less taxes at the end of the year.


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