Ive always said that I wanted to make a scrapbook, and I figure that this summer will be the perfect time to do so! So Im going to take tons of pictures everywhere I go. &&As I take the pics, Ill go get them developed to place in my scrabook. So basically everything will be there in order of my summer!

Its so important for me to have something physical like this for me to hold on to and take with me to dc. Whenever Im missing everyone, I can just open my book to bring back all the great memories I hope to make this summer.

Tomorrow marks the first big event of my summer, which is movies in the park! For those who dont live in nashville, basically movies in the park is where they show movies on a huge screen at night in the middle of nashvilles biggest park, centennial. Familes come out with their kids and blankets to lay out and enjoy the movie, and popular vendors from the area provide food and drinks. But what has happened over the past two years or so is that teenagers, specifically black ones, have turned mitp into a huge social event. Its a chance for all of us to hang out together in one place at one time. You never know who you may run into or meet! Its usually filled with tons of drama, which makes it all the more interesting, hah! Toward the end of the mitp run last year, though, things got ratchet. Public school kids started showing up and acting an ass. Fights were started, firecrackers were thrown. Hopefully everyone acts with more common sense this year before they put us all out for good! I plan on taking as many pictures as I can...I cant wait :]

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  1. OMG! That sounds so fun! & scrapbooking is super fun!


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