we are the legacy.

So as some of yall know, but the majority of yall do not, I used to dance at the BEST dance studio in the world, Cathy's dance studio. I danced a total of 7 years there. I started when I was 5, two years later I made competition team, which was the best year of my life Im pretty sure, then danced one year after that and quit after fourth grade. Freshman year I went back after spending my middle school years being a gymnast and cheerleading...I had missed it so much! What was great was that even though I had been gone for four whole years, when I came back, it was as if nothing had changed! All the girls embraced me back into the cds family immediately and Mrs Cathy still had as much passion for her work as she did when I was a youngin. So freshman year up until last year I danced for Cathy, who is one of my biggest inspirations in life. My world came crashing down when she announced her retirement at the end of our dance year last year. I cried my little heart out. We all did. We had a huge cookout to celebrate her 30 odd years of running her amazing studio, and it was a great time to remember all the amazing times we had together.

When I learned that Shawn was taking over the studio, obviously I was skeptical and nervous about going back. It just wasnt going to be the same. But I tried it out during a summer session and I really loved the young energy Shawn brought to the table...so I came back. I mean, I couldnt just stop dancing all together. This year has been nothing less than an emotional rollercoaster. I love Shawn and respect her talent, but it always feels, or felt, as if something was missing. There were plenty of times when I was super frustrated. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this last year of dance and I'm glad I didnt give up!

I love my girls. I'm excited for our recital tommorow! I reallllly hope Mrs. Cathy is there to see her babies graduate :[

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  1. Aww, I want my children to grow up dancing. If I could go back in time, I would ask my parents to put me in dance classes.


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