my babies.



So in love with them.
Be jealous.

I was lucky enough to spend some much needed quality time with my girls yesterday. Mac is the cutest thing in the world. Shes a loner, just like I used to be! I slick still am a loner. I find myself going to eat or shopping all by myself all the time. Just like it better that way sometimes. Anyways, I'm getting off topic. Shana and Mac had to leave a few hours into my visit, so that was super depressing, but then Kayli took full advantage of having me to herself. Shes the smartest little girl I know. She had me reading to her and playing hide and seek and blowing bubbles...I was wore out. Then my sister came come so of course she ran off to mommy, lol. Then I was able to spend time with Chantae which is a very rare occurance that I definately enjoyed. Now that I'm older we can actually chill and talk about any and everything. &&We did. Mainly we compared sexy music videos and downloaded mixtapes. Shes the best, seriously. I have the best family in the world, I dont think yall understand lol. Loveeee them! <333

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