BET Awards '1o.

Pretty damn good, aint gonna lie. So here are my bullet points of things I liked, didnt, etc.
  • Haha the pre-show was a damn mess lol. Not really but it was just all over the place. My favorite little performance was teach me how to dougie, thats my shit. But the highlight of it all was some random ass choir who decided to "sing" like 6 or 7 of the biggest songs out right now. Sing is in quotations because IT SUCKED. Like it was excruciating. They couldnt sing for shit. I dont understand how they even got that gig. TERRIBLE. OH, and my babydaddy soulja boy performed. His sexy ass :P.
  • The show opens up with mr west and a song Id never heard. It was just okay. He was on a mountain and people didnt like that, but its expected. He let everyone know he was back, with more power than before. I love him.
  • The queen hosted &&looked good all night. She kept coming out in outfits of her past characters. She did a good job, no surprise.
  • They showed baby pics of all the nominees all night. It was uber cute.
  • TI sexy ass...omg. he looked so damn good. He performed with one of my other baby daddys TRAVIS BARKER :P It was just heaven.
  • Alicia was beautiful all night, and she performed twice. For her tribute to prince she climed on the piano and everyones mouth dropped like 'girlll get down! yo pregnant ass!' haha. I loveeeee her.
  • Diddy and dirty money performed under hella smoke haha. You couldnt even see them! They did the hello goodmorning remix so everybody and they mama was out there, including my baby nicki :] Who by the way, despite her hair clashing with her outfits, looked HELLA good. Her sexy ass.
  • My hubby trey songz performed yo side of the bed, and dedicated it to everyone who's lost a loved one in war or anything similar. It was great. He looked great.
  • They had todd bridges come up and say a lil sum about gary coleman. Then he counted to 3 and everyone already knew what to do..."whatchu talm bout willis?" HA. It was great.
  • The old school section of the award show was el debarge...youngins dont know nothing bout it! I was jammin! That man still got it.
  • John legend was honored as the humanitarian awardee. Yay!
  • The prince tribute included janelle monae, esperanza spalding [who id never heard of before...i need to get up on her!], alicia, and patti labelle, who kicked off her loubitons into the crowd! Prince caught one hahah! &&Prince is such a diva-he had on a shirt with his face on it, and like 5 inch pumps. I LOVED IT! Hes the man. Like forreal. Yesss. Imma have to go make me a mix cd.
  • MY NUMBER ONE MAIN MAN LUDA performed with my baby nicki. They were amazing. Ohhh luda just gets better looking every damn day. But nicki lip synced the whole night? Idk why. Oh well.

I dont think I need to say anything about it, just watch. Had me in tears. SO happy they let the right person do MJ's tribute. Bout damn time.

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