day 7;; best day of my life.

This was last year during my volunteer program at vandy. Me and two of my other buddies were working in the surgery waiting room, where basically we set up little crafts and games for the kids to play with while they wait.

This particular day was real slow, we didnt have many kids. &&Then here comes possibly one of the cutest kids ever on some kinda of scooter contraption. He was precious. I cant tell yall his condition or anything due to privacy laws and stuff, but just looking at him, you wouldnt think he'd be capable to do much...he fooled the hell out of us. He came over and immediately bonded with all of us. His abilities were...amazing. He was super determined to make everything he did right and perfect. We had such a good time with him. His mom was there the whole time watching us and she was about to snap a picture, when all of a sudden, he put his little arm around me as if to say, this is your picture too! It was precious. The way im typing this doesnt even begin to describe what I was feeling. Just unexplainable. &&When he left he gave us all hugs and blew us kisses. I wanted to take him homeee :[[[.

Yall dont understand. Sighhh. :] Best day ever.

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