day 2 of hot yoga...

A success! I was kinda nervouse about going because I woke up superrr sore this morning, &&I had to go to vandy right before class so I was afraid Id be superrr tired too. Speaking of vandy, I had nooo kids today :[[. It was depressing. But I cleaned and got some stuff done so its all good. Anyway, back to hot yoga. I got to class late but had only missed half a pose...well, breathing excercise. The class was much smaller today &&the instructor was much more personal with all of us. Just hearing her say stuff like "good focus there, sandi" made me push my self even harder. It was great! Everything was much easier for me to do today, &&I improved on most of my poses. &&Class seemed muchhh shorter this time around. Plus, I didnt sweat as much or have to take as many water breaks. I was extremely porud of myself! Tomorrow I go in the morning, so that should be a new experience because I am NOT a morning person.

But seriously, I think everyone should try this. It is an amazing workout and great way to tone your body and improve flexibility and it has lots of other benefits. :D

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