day 4;;worst childhood memory.

Hmm. This was tough. I really dont have any? Well I guess this one would count...

Okay so I was a early developer. Im talking 2nd grade I started getting little boobies. &&I HATED IT. By fourth grade, I thought I had the hugest boobs in the world [looking back they were like mayyybe a B cup lmao] but to me that was mortifying, considering all of my friends and most other girls in my class were flatchested like a mofo. I never got to wear the cute little a and b cup bras that they sell in the girls section of the mall and whatnot, I wore straightup sports bras to flatten my chest as much as possible. I used to get sexually harassed because of them things! Dudes always staring and shit. &&For a girl my age I had a nice lil body too. I used to be skinny, with a nice butt and legs beacause of dance...AND I was flexible. I guess I was hot because I used to show off my splits and other gymnast skills on the playground...ok Im off topic. But with that body came stretch marks out the ass! &&For a long time...up until a few years ago actually, I hated wearing bikinis. I thought they were hideous. Now, I dont give a fuck haha my swimsuits be skimpy as all get out. But yeah...guess that was the worst part of my childhood. I have since learned to embrace my thickness :]

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  1. Anonymous25.6.10

    That's great that you learned to embrace who you are.


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