hot yoga.

Today me, leah, and my sis finally tried hot yoga. IT WAS FUCKING INTENSE. I kept looking over at my sister like what the eff have we gotten ourselves into! First of all, I was sweating even before the instructor came in. When we arrived the room was at 104 degrees, and Im pretty sure it increased as time went on. I was dripping sweat after the second pose. I could not believe how much sweat my body was producing. When we left, I was soaking wet. It was gross. But honestly it was a great experience and I loved it! I already feel more flexible, so by the end of the next 6 days we have left, Im sure Ill be much more better at keeping up. A few times during the session I could only do the pose halfway right or maybe I couldnt stretch as far down as others, but Im determined to perfect...or come close to perfecting pretty much all the poses over the next few days! Im so proud of myself though for getting through it! It was roughhhh and definately the longest 90 mins of my lifeee! Cant wait to go tomorrow! :]

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  1. Leah was telling me about her doing hot yoga, but she didn't really tell me anything specific. I don't think I could do it... I HATE the heat. Sitting in over 100 degree weather ain't cutting it for me! I'm glad you enjoyed it though... I'm gonna find a class to join.


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