day 3;;favorite childhood memories.

I had an epic childhood, but my favoriteeee memories of all time come from the two years I spent at Tennessee State University early learning center. I went there for prek and kindergarden. Two of the best years of my life. Whats even better is that Im still friends or keep in touch with 90% of my graduating kendergarden class, &&even a few of the class under me. Everyday was a great day from what I remember. Even though at first I had a little problem with hitting others...but once I got over that things were gucci! There was always something to do, basically we spent all day rotating around the different centers or doing crafts or napping or playing outside. Talk about the good life right?! I had two best friends, Jamye and TJ, and a husband, Jalen, who is now shelbys boyfriend :P. Anywho, we were always together. We used to have to pull bears when we did something bad, and at the end of the day stand up in front of the class and tell what we did...embarassing much? Hah. I remember once I got stung in the temple of my head by a wasp. Worst day ever. &&When the tornadoes came in 98, I had stepped on a peice of glass on our patio [our glass table was knocked over...my dumbass went out there with no shoes] &&I couldnt walk or run for a good week. I was miserable. Once we got to go see tom joyner and were on the radio. &&One time this girl stole my brand new doll I had brought for show and tell right out my cubby. Bitch. When we made rice krispy treats, mine were the only ones that didnt come out right. &&At lunch they required us to make happy plates. Haha.

I could go on and on honestly. But I'll stop rambling. :]

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  1. I love this! You seemed like such a cute little girl. :]


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