letter to best friend.

Okay, I dont have one. Yep you heard me right! Ive always hated the best friend term honestly. I just dont like the favoritism of it?? Haha, I dont know, but I havent labeled someone as my best friend since...I guess 9th grade [d.o.6 for lifeee :P]. Yeah, there are friends I hang with more often and whatnot but I seriously love all my friends the same. But then I was thinking about being bestfriend-less and decided that I will find a best friend for sure at Howard...preferably gay. So if and when I find that perfect gay best friend, I will inform yall, AND write him a letter :P

I forgot to do this last night...so on to the next one...in the next post.

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  1. I don't prefer the term best friend or bestie or bff. maybe if I were 12 years old...


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