letter to crush.

To my babyboy,

I love love love you more than I could ever express, but Im sure you know this because I tell you everyday :]. We've been knowing each other since we were just little babies at age 10! Our relationship, if it were to be graphed out, would be filled with many high points, a few low ones, and a couple in-betweens, but Im happy to say that now we've finally reached a point that we are both comfortable with. I can only hope that things remain this way foreverrr :]. Ive never been so attracted to someone in my life. Just being around you instantly improves my mood. I could spend all day just following you around observing your little antics :P. We've got some crazzzzy memories together that I will never ever forget, and probably tell my children, hah! You're honestly one of the greastest people Ive everrr met, &&I dont ever want you out of my lifeee! Plus you're always gonna have a little piece of my heart...guess thats why I cant let you go! Still wanna have one of your children one day! Lmao, I love you bb <333

Forever yourssss,
Lil fat girlll.

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