letter to ex.

Bet yall thought I was gonna write about crybaby...nope! Decided to make this a happy post. So this is to my baby DG :]

Daniellll!! I loveeeee youuuu! Thinking back on when we were together for...7 months I think back in 8th grade, you really did spoil the hell out of me! Such a sweetheart :] I never really appreciated you like I should have, and I apologize for that. I always wonder where we'd be now if we had stayed together...who knows. Haha, Im just glad I was able to cuff you for a little bit, because there are tonnnsss of girls out there now that want you dude! You have REALLY matured into a sexxxxyyyy young man :] Im so proud of you and know you'll do great playing ball in college. Just try not to miss me too much, kay? :P. Nah but really you are the best. I cant believe we spent two years not talking to each other. So stupid. But Im more than happy that we reunited this year, and we're closer than ever. I already miss our times in anatomy and at lunch, so its gonna be terrible when we go off to college :[[[. But I have no fear of losing you as a friend everrr. I love you danny babyyy :] kiss kiss kiss <333


  1. Anonymous28.6.10

    Alisandrea P. Thompson the 1st.. I love yu so much brah. I smiled so big when I read this; but idk what in the world to say. This right here made my night, my day, my week.. my summer ha. I was not expecting this at allll. I'm sitting here speechless. And it's a funny thing beacause I ponder the same things, and regret those two years of awkward silence. But all is well now and we are indeed the best of friends. I'm sad the summers coming closer and closer to an end but then again, I know yu and I will forever remain close and yu know I'll always be there to talk or make yu laugh if need be. I love yu shawty.. soo soo sooo much. Thanks for this!

    PS this is Daniel.. DG.. Yung Phresh btw. Idk how to take this off Anonymous. Unfamiliar Territories.

  2. Daniel, you are the sweetest! :D


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