letter to sibling.

Man. I love you bruh. Seriously, I look back and I dont understand how we used to not get along for those couple a years. I guess it was the age difference. But now, we seriously are the same person. We act just alike. I cant believe you're going to highschool! WHAT THE EFF! That scared the shit out of me, but I know you'll do fine and be super popular and crap. Just dont be like me. Hah! Anyways, you are the craziest person I know, we share a billion laughs a day together. I wish I could take you with me to dc. Its gonna suck not being able to watch you grow up...well I mean I will, just a months at a time. Just make sure you take care of my babies while Im gone. I couldnt ask for a better little sister honestly. You're talented and smart and creative and athletic and have greattt looks like me :] hahah. Im going to miss the freak out of you and our spongebob quoting. Ugh. I love youuuu.


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