In all the hype about trying to get stuff for my dorm room, I had completely forgotten about actual school supplies! I usually never shop for school supplies because my mama is a teacher and always has anything I need. But this time around, I needed allll new stuff, just for me!

So me and mama went to target first...I didnt get much there just a fan and a piggy bank lol...but then we hit up wally world! Let me tell you, we bought out the store. Like seriously. I could start a school with the amount of stuff I got! Hah! Not really, but I got hella supplies. Imma be tooo set. For some reason, Ive always gotten a kick out of back to school shopping, so needless to say I had alot of fun picking out stuff. I hope my roomate doesnt mind pink :P All my shit is pink and black!!

Bascially, Im set. I just need toiletries &&snacks, which Ill buy the week I leave. &&Clothes :] Not that I need anymore, but I gots money to blowww :]


  1. That's the only thing I HAVEN'T bought... School supplies.

  2. i get super excited for school stuff too.
    like i can't wait to open up my new packs of paper
    && write with my new pens and pencils.
    or organize my binders
    && print out lil cover sheets for them haha.


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