BFF :]

So yesterday was one of my bestest friends, Netta's, 18th birthday!!!! Finally! It seems like it took forever for this day to come! Its funny though, because I would forget that she was only 17, using fake ID's all the time and shit! Hahahaha!

So netta went to go get her nose pierced!!!! I was so nervous for her, but she didnt pass out or freak out or nothing! &&Its superrrr cute! Then we went out to eat with a group of friends, then headed to the club...actually, I would call it more of a party...where we almost got seriously injured. Typical. Niggas ALWAYS fighting in the club, but this time it got WAY out of hand. &&There was like slick no security in there. So we dipped...&&basically drove around the rest of the night trying to find something else to do. We never did. But its cool! It was a fun night overall, &&I was just glad to be able to spend time with my bffs :] We even got bracelets! Cute, right!? Lol.

Kenya, Me, &&Netta :]


  1. Anonymous19.7.10

    Beautiful girls!!

  2. i put the video on my page!


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