day 9&10;;favorite singer&&random fact.

I dont talk about her as often as I do RiRi or Queen B, but my all time favorite singer is Chrisette Michele. My cousin really opened me up to her when he burned me a copy of her first cd a few years back. Prior to that, I'd only heard her single on the radio, 'if I have my way'. It was one of my favorite songs at the time though, so I was excited to hear her other works. &&I immediately fell in love. I love the raspiness and soul her voice exudes. Its REAL singing. If you listen to most artists today, a lot of them arent really singing, or their voices are super altered or autotuned. I know every word to every one of her songs. I am determined to see her in concert one day...like its gonna happen. I cant wait until she comes out with something new!! AHHH, I freakin love her. THE BEST.

&&Lets see a random fact...oh! This was something I meant to put on that other post about things that make me odd or whatever. I eat my food toward the center. Like burgers, sandwiches, pizza, tacos...I eat toward the middle. Im a firm believer in saving the best for last, and to me the middle is always the best part since it has the most of everything! Imma wierdo :P

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