letter to someone i want to meet/someone i dont talk to as much as id like.

Dear Luda,
If I could just meet you one good time I will be satisfied with life. I have always been a HUGE fan, and ever since you cut your hair I just cannot stop lusting over you. Like seriously. Its kinda rediculous. You are just...perfection. Im gettin hot and bothered just typing this, haha! Okay, Im done. All I need is just oneee night with you. HAHA. Ok that was a joke. Or was it?

Dear Jamesia,
I miss you soo much! Everytime I go to grandmama house, I see your old house up the street and the memories start flooding back of those years wayyy back where we were so young and innocent and carefree. We would spend all day in grandmamas back yard playing basketball or kickball...then somedays we'd be inside playing with barbie dolls or making up stupid games that would keep us entertained for hours. I miss those times with you! Then we all grew up, and we grew apart. But I still love you girl! &&I'd love to meet your two precious kiddies! They've gotten so big! I love them and I dont even know them yet! I love you girl, hope to see you soon ! :]

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