days 11-15.

Anything I want to post about;; Well yesterday morning before me and the fam made our trip back home, we went to holiday world! It was sooo hot, but we had so much fun! Seriously some of the best rollercoasters Ive ever been on in my lifeee! &&We saw the lil lady from the commercial. Hah. But it was a great time, cant wait to go back!

Favorite place in the world;; Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. But Im sure yall knew that by now. Its just an amazing place where miricles happen everyday.

Addictions;; Piercings and tattoos. I think those are my biggest two. Im currently contemplating on where I want my 11th piercing. &&I figured out how I want my next tattoo! That'll be another post.

Guilty pleasures;; Certain tv shows like spongebob, family fued, reality shows, ru paul's drag race, etc.

What I wanted to be as a child;; At my kindergarden graduation I stated that I wanted to be "an ambulance driver".

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  1. Holiday World was sooo much fun. But umm... I never knew what you did at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. What do you do?


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