11-deceased person Id like to talk to;; Uncle jr, I miss you so much. I miss your laugh. Holidays just seem empty with you not around. I love you.

12-person that caused me the most pain;; Yall know who this is directed to. Fuck you. I wasted a good year and some change with your sensitive ass. Id give anything to get that wasted time back. Thanks for nothing. Seriously. Nothing positive ever came out of our relationship. Only a million regrets and gallons of tears. UGH.

13-person I wish could forgive me;; For anyone of my friends that I may have ever insulted or made feel bad or anything, I apologize. Please forgive me?

14-someone Ive drifted away away from;; Id like to say that Im pretty close to the people that I want to be close with. Sooo, yeah. Lol.

15-person I miss the most;; I saw him today :]

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