So my friend Karissa is pregnant. &&Everytime I read something on her blog that she has posted about her little one or i talk to her about it, I get SO emotional. Today on her blog she posted her first ultrasound, &&I about cried. Like, why am I sooo sensitive! Pregnancy is soo beautiful to me. Pretty much the most beautiful thing in the world. I find it all so exciting! Im sure at this point she doesnt find it to be the greatest thing in the world sometimes, but its the end result that makes it all worth it. I cannot WAIT to meet this baby of hers, which is guaranteed to be gorgeous. She doesnt know it yet, but he [or she, as kwissy insists] is going to be born on my birthday :]. I doubt ill be home when the little one arrives though :[ which is a bummer. But nonetheless, Im beyond excited for her. I love her to itty bitty pieces. &&I get to see her tomorrow...hopefully!! :D


  1. girl, I get like that too! It's just so precious, that bundle of joy, that little bitty baby so full of life....this is so sweet, AWWWW!

  2. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, indeed. When I see newborn babies, I get so excited.


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