I just wanna be successful...

Today, I have gotten so much accomplished. This is a big deal for me, because most of the time I just sit around at home as if I have nothing to do. But today I got up off my ass and made some things happen! Hah. Actually all Ive done is FINALLY go get my big girl license [I had my intermediate restricted license since sophomore yr :P], &&finalize some stuff with howard regarding my financial aid, &&I finally got to register for my last class!

Speaking of classes, I have a whopping 17 HOURS this semester. So I mighttt die. Im taking intro to psychology, freshman composition, freshman orientation seminar for human development, intro to early childhood education, life sciences, choir, &&heres the kicker...basic math II :|. Like forreal?!? Haha, we had to take a math placement test, &&let me just say I BOMBED that hoe. Like, it was terrible. But I dont think its fair, because I took discrete this past yr, which includes nooo kind of algebra or precal or calc type stuff at all. So all those skills are VERY fuzzy :P. So yeah, Im in the retard class, but its all good! Guaranteed A :D !! Hahaha! But yeah, yall pray for me. My days are going to be jammm packeddd!!!

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  1. 17 hours?! Omgoodness... Good luck with that. You're doing like, OVER full time.


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