So I grew up in this particular church, Fairfield. All my family on my grandmama side went there, I was born there, dedicated there, baptized there, &&I was a very active member while I attended, especially in the choir. Me singing in that choir is what made me so passionate about singing to this day...I did my first solo at that church! Needless to say, I loved it. Back then, I couldnt wait to go to church. We were like a big family. I had so many great friends and 'second parents' there. Long story short, the church moved...to the other side of town. Im talking a good 40 mins away. So obviously, we stopped going...joined this other church that we were also familiar with down the street. I was heartbroken. I missed everyone so much!

Today, me and my mama went back for the first time in..about 2.5 years...maybe even 3. I cant even recall, but I just know its been a longgg time. As soon as I walked in the door, people were embracing me. It was the best feeling ever. Everyone was sooo happy to see us! Nothing had changed; I felt right at home. Ironically, the children...well I guess itd be young adult now...choir that I had been apart of for all those years was the one singing today. They sounded amazing. I wanted to go up there and sing with them :[ I miss it. &&The sermon was AMAZING. Just what I needed to hear. Im so glad I went. SO GLAD. I feel amazing. :D

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  1. I know how you feel, I would not dig going to a new church.. atleast I don't think I would!


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