Im tired of this letter challenge. Hah. Is that bad? When I found it I was like wooohoo! Now Im like..eh. I force myself to do them. Hah...so I think I'll just stop. But I am going to try to find another one, for like pictures. Id much rather do that.

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  1. no that isnt bad at all. That exactly how I feel too. My mine loses focus when it's time to write a letter, although it's interesting to do, it's just too demanding.

  2. Lol. Yeah thats exactly how I feel. I'm like "Omg when will it end!!" lmao.
    but since i only have 5 or six more days imma finish. I have a picture one if you want.

  3. Anonymous17.7.10

    Only 6 days left.


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