I was gonna do a video...

But, Im looking a mess. So here is my tattoo post!

Ok, so I was thinking about everything I wanted, and where to get them. &&Im pretty sure Ive figured it out for good. So obviously, Im gonna finish my wings by putting the 'alis volat propiis' in between them in some fancy script. Beside my right boobie [hahaha, sorry] Im gonna put psalm 27:1, my favorite verse, realll little in some cute font. Under that on my side Im gonna put my music quote in the shape of a treble cleft, instead of how I originally wanted it. On my other side, me and my cousin are going to get matching chinese symbols of...something, we dont know yet. I want an iris like my daddy's on one of my feet. &&Then my other two possible ones are two diamonds or two ribbons on my hipbones. Then Ill be done, until I have children :P.

Sounds good, ya? Hah...now where will I get this money...I want to get aleast two done before I leave!

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