planned parenthood.

They are livesaverrrs. Free birth control, ftw! So I just started...kinda nervous because I only hear horror stories about all the bad side effects of being on the pill. So far so good though, minus a headache, but that might be a coincidence.

Its funny though because my mama just asked me out of the blue if I want to get on birth control...? Hah. She doesnt know Im on it yet. Guess I'll tell her eventually. She wont care.

HAH. She just brought it up again. She was like "you can get em...but thats the ONLY thing you using them for." [I told her I want em to help my severe cramping...which is true]...

If only she knew.... ;]


  1. I still reccomend going to like an OBGYN and for them to PRESCRIBE you medicine, because every type of birth control isn't for EVERYBODY so they'll prescribe what's best for you.

  2. I haven't had any horror stories with my birth control lol. It works just fine. Just make sure you keep up with taking them and you'll be okay : ) The side effects may be different for everyone. I personally don't notice any differences lol.


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