Ever since saturday...Ive been staying up until at least 2am partying or just chilling out on the yard...last night me and ashley didnt get back to our rooms until about 430. Yea, we getting sleep...but no where near how much we should, because we usually have things to do or places to go in the morning. Needless to say, my body hates me right now...I can feel it. Im tense, my feet, neck, and back constantly are sore...eyes puffy, just a mess really. Im loving it though, Im not gonna lie...but once school starts on monday that is alllll going to have to change.

Because see, my dumbass procrastinated on registering for classes. We had an option of early registration back in the beginning of july that lasted a week..instead of getting it done that first day, I waited till like day four, so alll the good classes were gone. Moral of the story, I have 8.10 classes on mwf. FML. But I mean, thats not too bad really...just like back in hs...&&I can sleep later because the buliding is literally a 5 min walk away.

Honestly though I think what messed me up from the jump was the time change...actually that dont make sense because we a hour ahead of nashville...so nevermind hah!

  • I have found a potential gay best friend to be. Hes such a sweetheart! He got me a $5 water &&I aint ask or nothing! &&That boy can grind better than me...I experienced it first hand...thats how we met actually, he just came and grinded on me hah! I love him.
  • I have my own personal waka flocka...seriously this nigga is his celeb look alike like a mofo. Hes a sweetheart too hahaha.
  • Im picking up on ashley's and other peoples slang already...imma start sayin they shit...you tweaked!!
  • I have met more carribeans and dreadheads down here than I have ever seen in my natural living life.
  • Me and ashley are so much the same that it worries me sometimes...but thats a good thing! I know soo many people with wierd ass roomates coughsmithycough.
  • Our caf has the best food ever...like anything you want, they got. Seriously. &&You can get as much as you want...&&I found a way to buck the system &&get free meals without using my mealcard...bow!
Okay, enough rambling...Ill do a video one day when ashley isnt home :]

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